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What parents had to say about the 2021 Summer League:

“The Peace summer league experience the past two summers was incredible.  It was a way for the boys to compete during COVID in a safe, encouraging, and competitive environment.  The boys create bonds that go far beyond the playground.”  -Matt Kiger 

"I think it was a great experience for the kids especially during these unprecedented times, seeing the kids in the community come together and compete in a healthy and positive environment was awesome to see.  My son in particular enjoyed the experience and given that he's been playing with Peace since he was 7 years old, it's great to see his growth over the years as a young player as he goes through all of the channels that Peace has to offer which now includes the Peace Summer league." - Alva Hasan

"I very much enjoy going to Scalzi Park after work to watch games. There are always people to catch up with. The boys have a good time on and off the court. Seeing the kids develop and occasionally do amazing things is at least as entertaining as a following the NBA." - Vaidas Uzgiris

"Positive, progressive and engaging experience in a time where there were limitations  on activities for youth." - Erica Perkins

"The Stamford Peace Summer League provides an outstanding outlet for summer basketball that my sons play in and enjoy.  It is a great option for kids in the community and well suited for both experienced players and those new to basketball.  The outdoor venue and evening games create an exciting atmosphere for players and spectators!" - John Curley

"The Summer basketball league was a nice experience for Parents as well as the players. The families in the community had something to look forward to doing four nights a week. The children were able to enjoy playing basketball with friends. As a parent I appreciate the Peace league for running this program for our community, this enables our children to express and show off their skills by doing what they love doing, In the midst of the pandemic." - Pamela Bennett

"We always look forward to the Peace Summer League. It’s a great opportunity to have the kids enjoy some positive coaching (a Peace hallmark) and some friendly, competitive basketball throughout the summer." - Carmen Failla

See you next summer!

Registration for the 2022 season opens in May.

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Our Partners Make a Difference

We are so grateful for the support of our sponsors, who are helping our programs grow and flourish. We hope you will please consider supporting these local businesses that are committed to helping others and strengthening our community. 

Congrats to the Warriors and to all our high school teams on a great season!

Congrats to Kentucky and to all our middle school teams on a great season!

Summer Fun on the Courts at Scalzi Park

Stamford Peace Youth Foundation & Stamford Recreation have teamed up to provide rising 6th thru 11th graders for the 2021-2022 school year with a high-energy outdoor Summer league. The League will consist of 10 games, two games each week, played on the blacktop at Scalzi & Lione Park! Our engaged and energetic coaches will make sure players are having fun in the sun, while improving their skills with some friendly competition!

2021 Summer League Evaluation and Draft Day

Yerwood Center, 90 Fairfield Ave., Stamford

Saturday, July 3
Middle School: 10:00 – 11:30 am

Monday, July 5
High School: 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Date/Times/Location subject to change

The League will consist of 10 games (two games each week) ending with a two-day single elimination tournament.

 League Dates:
July 12th - August 19th 

Middle School  Games will be played on Monday and Wednesday evenings at:

Scalzi Park
100 Bridge Street
Stamford, CT

High School Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at

Lione Park
325 Stillwater Ave.
Stamford, CT


Game times are either 6:00 pm, 7:15 pm or 8:30 pm.

Flexible practice schedule to be determined by each team’s coach.

In the event of rain, games will be played at the Yerwood Center.


$155 per player (each player will receive a team jersey)

If you have any questions please contact us at 203-588-9020 or

~Dates, Times, Location subject to change~


Volunteer Coaches

Share your love and knowledge of the game by volunteering to coach a team!

For more information on being a volunteer coach email us at 

Summer League Protocols Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 Policies & State Guidelines - We will be following CT/CDC guidelines in regards to all summer programs. Click here for a list of all Policies.

Codes of Conduct for Players and Spectators

As a player:

1. Play by the rules.

2. Value team success, safety and fair play above personal gain.

3. Accept the authority and respect the decisions of all game officials.

4. Never use abusive or foul language.

5. Be a good sport. Applaud all good play.

6. Treat all participants as you would like to be treated.

7. Always cooperate with your coach and teammates.

8. Always participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.

As a parent and/or spectators:

1. Support your child and his team in a positive manner. Cheer for your child and team, not against the opposing team.

2. Show respect for all players, coaches, game officials and other spectators. Set a positive example with your behavior.

3. Respect the decisions of all game officials and encourage others to do so.

4. Recognize that the children are participating for fun and their own enjoyment.

5. Abide by all regulations of all facilities with respect to facility usage.